Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Mark. 1, Part 2!

Huh? Are you people still here? Very well, come and view yet another post from this grotesque menagerie of a blog. Here are yet more scans from the Japanese magazine Mark 1.

Fan art time! Sure a lot of the drawings have awful anatomy and many are vaguely pedophilic, but at least there's no Naruto.

Gotta hand it to the old fans though. I mean sure, they had moe-type stuff then too. But at least the girls were also heavily armed.

Yeah, because nothing goes with fan art of Nazis like someone's "original spaceship do not steal plz".


And now, a pop idol group that I'm fairly certain nobody cares about now, and that probably even fewer people cared about when they first premiered.

Cheerleader! So-And-So! What's-her-face! The Ugly One!
Edit: Sources inform me that this idol group is known as Saint Four. Here's one of their songs. I apologize for the eye-meltingly awful dancing.

What magazine marketed towards emotionally stunted man-children would be complete without TOYS!

Yeah, God Mazinger is totally checking out that car shaped like Dracula's head that also transforms into a robot. I would totally tool around town in that.

Well that's it for Mark 1 magazine, folks! Coming up next, an issue Animage Magazine from 1985!

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